Sisterson was a human male from Terra Nova in the 24th century. Joining Starfleet, by 2378 he was a Captain and was the commanding officer of the stockade on Jaros II. He spoke Federation Standard with a Terra Novan accent.

In 2378, Captain Sisterson received several high profile inmates. Among the inmates was Captain Ezri Dax of the USS Aventine , who had been arrested at Andor after aiding her former lover Doctor Julian Bashir in resolving the Andorian reproductive crisis. Sisterson was ordered to isolate Dax from the other inmates. Also because of the recent assassination of President of the United Federation of Planets Nanietta Bacco security had been tightened, especially at Jaros II.

Already on edge because of current events and the arrival of Dax he was especially displeased with the arrival of the USS Lionheart in orbit above his stockade with supplies for the complex. The Lionheart's temporary commanding officer Christine Vale and first officer Commander Atia beamed down to the surface, where Atia managed to convince Sisterson that this was a surprise inspection, giving Vale a chance to talk to Dax about what really happened at Andor.

Following Vale's interview of Dax, the Lionheart delivered its supplies to the surface. Sisterson insisted on having each item beamed down one at a time and scanned upon arrival. This slowed down the cargo delivery, but it had the bonus of buying Vale enough time that with the help of Sarina Douglas she was able to figure out where Bashir was being held. (ST - The Fall novels: The Poisoned Chalice, Peaceable Kingdoms)

After it was revealed that Baras Rodirya had been impersonating Ishan Anjar and the imposter was removed from office, Sisterson was ordered by Admiral Leonard James Akaar to release Dax and the others who helped Bashir. (ST - The Fall novels: The Poisoned Chalice, Peaceable Kingdoms)