Skamandros was a male Vulcan who lived in the time before the Sundering.


He became one of the first disciples of the philosopher Surak along with the younger Varen and traveled with their mentor where his reputation led him to be known as "Surak's shadow"; their journey took them towards ShiKahr. As they made their way to the Gate, they were detained by the City Guard but were saved from imprisonment by the actions of the engineer Karatek who was a member of the Vulcan Space Initiative. They were accepted as guest friends of Karatek and rested at his home. He later accompanied his master to the Vulcan Space Institute where he was part of an expedition to Mount Seleya as part of Surak's plan to send some of their kind in case war consumed Vulcan. On the journey past Vulcan's Forge, he spotted movement from the Te-Vikram Brotherhood who had attacked a medical research centre they were to visit. Whilst scouting the ruins, he was attacked by a young female who was subdued by Surak with a nerve pinch. It was only later that they learnt that the girl was the surviving daughter of the administrator of the facility call who had managed to hide in the facility with her younger brother Kovar. Rather then leave them behind or take them to ShanaiKahr, the two orphans accompanied the group on their pilgramage.

They eventually reached Mount Seleya where Skamandros climbed the thousand flight of stairs, bare fought as was stated by tradition. Once inside the temple, his master met the Adepts of Gol and the Adepts of Seleya in order to gain their help for the Vulcan-in-Exile journey through space. Though they refused, the Seleyan High Priestess offered Surak a Coronet who collapsed after putting it on. Surak's shadow for a rare moment displayed anger and threatened the Seleyan Adept but was chastised by Surak who informed Skamandros that if he died he would have expected his disciple to retrieve his katra and place it in the Hall of Ancient Thought. Skamandros later apologised for his outburst and remained silent during the discussions. When the Adepts confirmed that they would not leave Vulcan, the expedition returned to ShiKahr. In the years that followed, Skamandros was involved in a fight against members of Surak's House who followed his nephew who wanted to kill his uncle in order to become Head of House.

Twenty years later, during the ceremony when the Vulcan-in-Exile, Skamandros was present at ShiKahr's launch site when the shuttle port was attacked by the te-Vikram. During the skirmish, Skamandros was killed by a blaster bolt that left a hole in chest as he fell to the ground. (TOS - Vulcan's Soul novel: Exodus)

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