Skel is a Vulcan male that was present during a planetwide infection from artifacts under study from the Hydrillian sector.

He was the son of T'Reth and was ten years old when the infection spread on the world. As a consequence of the madness generated by the entities encased in the artifacts, his father murdered his mother. Her last thoughts before she died was telepathically placing her katra into the mind of her son with a warning to run away. After the infection was contained, he would be one of the many children who survived but where scarred for life. He would frequently have nightmares where he would hear his mothers warning and he would encounter his possessed father who displayed vicious emotions. Skel would mind meld with Healer T'Son in order to heal but he never would.

He would spend fifty years of his life studying the artifacts at the Vulcan Science Academy where he rose to the rank of master scientist. His official research would be study into force field technology, however, his primary goal was the study of the artifacts as well as securing them.

What many were unaware of was that Skel had been infected by the entities when he was a child. The creatures remained in he childs body and gradually evolved in order to better adapt to Vulcanoid physiology. They would remain in this state for many years until the Universal TechnoFair was approaching. Days before the event occurred, Skel would be abducted by two Ferengi who wished to make a profit from his research. However, they would both be infected by the entities and die in their starship but not before Skel and the artifacts were rescued by the Federation starship USS Enterprise. Having finally awakened from their long sleep, the entities began an attempt to infect key members of the Starfleet crew as well as the scientists who were journeying to the TechnoFair where they would spread the deadly infection across the galaxy. (TNG novel: Possession)

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