The Skorr are bipedal avians with feathered wings native to the Alpha or Beta Quadrant planet of Skorr. They were known as a warrior race, with the ability to quickly breed large armies, until the mid 21st century when a Skorr philosopher named Alar led his people into an era of peace. (TAS - Log Five novelization: The Jihad)

Prior to 2155, the crew of Enterprise had heard of the Skorr but had not encountered them. (ENT novel: The Good That Men Do)

Mot considered Skorr space as a possible (and incorrect) destination for Jean-Luc Picard and Data, who Mot gave Romulan hairpieces to in 2368. Mot ruled out the Skorr due to them being "irrelevant". (TNG novelization: Unification)

In 2376, Skorr representatives were due to attend the ceremony for Bajor's admittance into the United Federation of Planets. Two diplomats of this delegation attended a meeting held by Ro Laren where she discussed security arrangements for the ceremony. (DS9 - Mission Gamma novel: Cathedral)

Ro noted that all the people she dealt with in the meeting were members of the Federation or an allied race.

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