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The Skriiti making contact with USS Enterprise-D's counselor, Lt. Commander Deanna Troi

The Skriiti were an aquatic non-humanoid telepathic species that lived on the planet Lanatos, alongside the Lanatosians. (TNG comic: "Trapped")


The Skriiti were seen as dangerous and loathsome creatures. They were hunted by the "builder-creatures", the Lanatosians. (TNG comic: "The Barrier")

When Lanatos was about to destroyed around stardate 44292.2, the Lanatosians hid the herd of Skriiti from the USS Enterprise-D to make sure that they could evacuate all their monuments. The Skriiti were then discovered by the Enterprise-D 's counselor, Lt. Cmdr. Deanna Troi. (TNG comic: "Trapped") After Troi was trapped with the Skriiti, they revealed themselves to be telepathic. (TNG comic: "The Barrier")

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