Skrix Veestar was a Klethorian from the Klethor system in the late 23rd century.


He was originally an Eldor fruit farmer until his orchard was destroyed by Eldor Fruit Rust. Looking for work, he sought working passage on a ship to the Orion Colony on Daros IV. He found employment as a bellhop at Madame Altair's House of Joy until he was sacked for laziness. Immediately after, he offered his services as guide, porter, and assistant to passers-by.

He was rather hampered in his occupation by being lazy, untrustworthy, ignorant, and cowardly. He also ate an enormous amount of food, more than he could afford by working, despite his gaunt frame and 60 kilogram weight. He was very tall at 2.35 meters. (FASA RPG module: Orion Ruse)



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