Smelter's Hold, also called the Hold, was an outpost fairly close to Starbase 193. The Hold was contained within a hollowed out asteroid three kilometers wide at coordinates 423x76x367, and was a center of smuggling and other criminal enterprises.

As of 2368 Starfleet had been trying without success to confirm the location of the hold. In that year the ancient and powerful Devil's Heart resurfaced after being hidden for many centuries. Romulan operatives working for Commander Taris infiltrated the station hoping to obtain more leads on the Heart. In the Hold's bazaar the Ferengi DaiMon Tork saw the two Romulans and mistook them for Vulcans. He tried to swindle them out of their valuables but was instead captured and taken prisoner.

A short time later the Hold was attacked and destroyed by the warbird Haakona. Back on Starbase 193, bar owner Camenae realized something was seriously wrong when a communication with her operative on the hold was cut, as were all other communications with the Hold. Realizing that the Romulans had destroyed the station she alerted Starbase Commander Estrella Miyakawa of the destruction of the Hold. By doing so she enabled the station's population to evacuate before the Haakona arrived and destroyed Starbase 193. (TNG novel: The Devil's Heart)

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