The Snowman Baron was a male Snowman and the leader of the Snowman invasion of Gingerbread Colony. Q (Junior) created the Snowmen as foils to the Gingerbread people to provide an entertaining activity for the Alpha Quadrant Alliance visitors of this Winter Wonderland. When the baron was defeated, he had the ability to reincarnate the next time snow fell. He called himself the ruler of "all the lands of ice and snow." (STO mission: "Winter Invasion") The same phrase was used by the Snowman Overlord. Both of them were much taller than the average snowman. Unlike the overlord, dismembered Gingerbread people were part of the baron's body, while there were only trees incorporated into the overlord. (STO mission: "Snowball Fight!")


Since 2409, the Snowmen invaded Gingerbread Colony frequently, harassing the Gingerbread people with snowballs. Mayor Truffles received aid from an elite team of AQA officers, who would fight their way through the town, saving Gingerbread people in trouble and defeating the ten rampaging Snowman squadrons.

The Snowman Baron would appear on Main Square after the AQA team defeated all ten Snowman squadrons. The unleashed yeti and the Snowmen would ignore each other. Gingerbread defenders would join forces with the five members of the AQA team to defeat the baron and the minions he summoned. Upon defeat, the baron would fall apart and announce his return when the snow falls. (STO mission: "Winter Invasion")