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The Solanagen-based entities were a species of Solanagen-based lifeforms who could only live in subspace.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Physically, they had a beak, bulbous eyes, and clawed, three fingered hands. They also wore hooded metallic robes, but it is unknown if they wear these all the time. (TNG episode: "Schisms") Whilst alien in appearance, it was possible for empaths to discern emotional states such as sympathy or sincerity from these entities. (TNG comic: "The Unconquered")

Their language consisted of a series of rapid clicks. (TNG episode: "Schisms") It was also beyond the capabilities of the universal translator with computers being unable to find any baseline for use in translation. (TNG comic: "The Unconquered")


Speculation held that the aliens had a portion of their society that desired something from normal space that they could not acquire in their home galaxy. This was because it was believed that they could not conduct acts of mutilation on other species for expanding their knowledge base. Thus, it was viewed that the solanagen-based aliens were divided into two factions with one wanting to leave the normal universe alone whilst the other seeking a specific objective that led to their experimentation on sentient species. (TNG comic: "The Unconquered")

Rebel entities were shown to hold a strong sense of justice and opposed the actions of their more cruel kin. (TNG comic: "The Unconquered")



Solanagen-based aliens experimenting on sentient beings.

It was believed that the entities were native to a subspace dimension. (TNG comic: "Gateway")

In 2369 the lifeforms attempted to create a pocket of their space inside usual space and began to abduct members of the crew of the USS Enterprise-D to perform medical experiments on them, trying to learn how to remodulate their cellular energy states in order to survive outside of their tertiary subspace manifold. Abductees included Data, Kaminer, Geordi La Forge, Worf, Sariel Rager, William T. Riker and Edward Hagler, the latter of which died when the entities replaced his blood with a liquid polymer. The Enterprise crew were able to close the spatial rupture the entities used to pull victims into subspace through when Riker took a homing-device with him in one of their abductions. The devise allowed the crew to target the tetryon particles being used to from the rupture and close it. (TNG episode: "Schisms") During the defeat of the entities, a burst of energy emerged from their gateway where it was believed some probe had entered into the normal universe that indicated the aliens had further plans for normal space. In the aftermath of the incident, Starfleet vessels were warned not to enhance their sensors in order to avoid the attention of these entities. (TNG comic: "Gateway")

Despite the precaution over sensor enhancements, the aliens returned into normal space once more in 2371 when a dimensional gateway was opened by an abandoned space station. This allowed the solanagen-based entities to bring a starship into real-space that began scouring for the probe that emerged during their previous attempt at entering normal space. The incident attracted the attention of the USS Enterprise that was accompanied by the USS Hornet. These two Starfleet vessels arrived at the Ormethean system when the probe was acquired by the alien ship but during the confrontation another solanagen-based entity craft emerged in order to take the probe. This vessel retreated into the dimensional egress by the abandoned space station where the aliens attempted to force USS Hornet into the gateway. (TNG comics: "Gateway", "The Unconquered")

These chain of events led to the crew of the USS Enterprise to determine that the remaining solanagen-based alien vessel belonged to a peaceful faction. Whilst the more aggressive members of their kind boarded the USS Hornet, the Enterprise crew managed to open the dimensional gateway with the peaceful aliens in order to rescue the stranded crew in the subspace realm. After defeating the aggressive aliens, their peaceful entities expressed their gratitude to the Starfleet crew who managed to escape the subspace dimension with the USS Hornet after which they destroyed the gateway to the entities home realm. There were fears of future incursions with Captain Picard holding onto the hope that the peaceful lifeforms could perhaps police their own kind. Despite this hope, he held the view that the solanagen-based lifeforms would remain as a potential threat to the Federation. (TNG comic: "The Unconquered") The harrowing experience of the experimentations lay within Riker's mind for years to come and was one of the things he remembered during flashbacks caused by the Orb of Memory in 2376. (DS9 novel: Avatar)


A group of Solanae conducting medical experiments.

In 2409, a group of Allied officers were stranded at Storage Facility Z98 where several of their number were captured by the species. They were studied by the Solanagen-based creatures who later fled when confronted by their comrades but not before deploying their robotic guardians against them. (STO mission: "Sphere of Influence")


This race had tetryon based technology that allowed them to form interdimensional gateways into realspace that they could manifest at any moment. The process allowed them to bombard realspace with tetryon particles that consumed matter in those areas and bringing quasi-molecular flux. This not only broke down matter but also created an environment for the aliens solanagen-based anatomy to function. Such tetryon clouds remained as anomalies in space until the aliens generated a tetryon disturbance that reformed the doorway back to their realm. (TNG comic: "Gateway")

The solanagen-based aliens communication systems were seemingly incompatible with that of the Federation. (TNG comic: "The Unconquered")

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