The Solasook Peninsula was located near Tezwa's arctic circle. During the Dominion War, Prime Minister Kinchawn allowed a nadion-pulse cannon firebase to be built there and at five other locations around the planet.

Bravo TeamEdit

In 2379, a strike team from the USS Enterprise-E consisting of Lieutenant Commander Data, Lieutenants Obrecht and Heaton, and Ensign Parminder parachuted in to destroy the firebase. The team landed in a blizzard and found the main entrance frozen shut. The team was able to excavate the subspace signal buffer from the ice, and Commander Data transmitted false readings to the firebase's monitoring sensors. When all the Tezwans had left the firebase, the team set off a controlled avalanche and disabled their target without a single life lost. (TNG novel: A Time to Kill)

the planet Tezwa
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