For other uses, see Sorel.

Sorel (born c.2160s) was a Vulcan healer who worked at the hospital of the Vulcan Academy of Sciences. He and his human colleague, Dr. Daniel Corrigan, began their association in the late 2220s, first combining their skills to bring to term the first Vulcan-human hybrid – Spock, son of Sarek and Amanda Grayson – in 2230. By 2267, Sorel and Corrigan were renowned as the best medical team on Vulcan.

Sorel had originally been bonded at childhood, but his bond-mate died two years later due to a rare fever. He met his future wife, T'Zan, while a student at the Academy. They eventually bonded and had two children – a son, Soton, who also became a healer; and a daughter, T'Mir, who later married Corrigan.

When Corrigan was affected by rapid physical aging, he and Sorel developed the stasis-regeneration treatment that eventually saved the human doctor's life. Both Amanda (suffering from the effects of degenerative xenosis) and T'Zan (paralyzed by an accident in the neurosciences lab), as well as a crewman from the Starship Enterprise, would undergo this treatment; however, due to sabotage by a deranged assistant of Sarek (seeking to kill Amanda so she could marry Sarek), both the crewman and T'Zan were killed before they underwent the full treatment. (TOS novel: The Vulcan Academy Murders)

Sorel and Corrigan, together with Dr. Leonard McCoy of the Starship Enterprise, were called to investigate a possible cure for the plague that had broken out on the Vulcan colony of Nisus; this would be the first time that Sorel ever left Vulcan. As the crisis was abated, he bonded with T'Kar - also a widow - and elected to remain on Nisus with her. (TOS novel: The IDIC Epidemic)

Circa 2269, Spock identified himself as Sorel, owner of Sorel's Salvage, in order to keep a wayward Klingon starship from investigating a secret installment called The Yard. (TOS short story: "Devices and Desires")

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