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Sovak was a male Ferengi alive in the 24th century.


He assisted archaeologist Doctor Samuel Estragon in his work.

At some point, he was cheated by Estragon's assistant Vash after he paid for information about the Tox Uthat. In the year 2366, he believed that Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who was vacationing on the planet Risa at the time, conspired with Vash, and confronted them as they were leaving the hotel to look for the Tox Uthat. Picard disarmed him and knocked him out. Sovak later found them in a cave and ordered them to dig for the relic. Picard eventually found the Uthat and destroyed it to keep it out of the Ferengi's hands.

He was one of the few Ferengi to refer to Humans as "Human" rather than "Hew-mon". (TNG episode: "Captain's Holiday")

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