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Species 0 were the supposed originators of the Borg. They are thought to have created the Borg based on their belief and culture on perfection itself.


They were bipedal arachnid-like humanoids with a pale, almost metallic cast to their exoskeletonal skin. They had six arachnid-like eyes as well as six fingers per hand and toes per foot, and arthropod-like mandibles. In addition to their exoskeletonal skin, they also possessed an endoskeletonal system inside their bodies as well as that both male and female members of their race were also highly-muscular in nature.



They were far more technologically and scientifically advanced than the Federation itself.

Background informationEdit

The Borg were initially conceived by Maurice Hurley as a race of insectoids. Hurley wrote a plot point into "The Neutral Zone" that Federation and Romulan starbases along the Romulan Neutral Zone had been mysteriously wiped out, having been "scooped off" the face of the planet in the same way that would later be referenced in "Q Who" and shown in "The Best of Both Worlds". This was intended to lead into a series of episodes that would have introduced the Borg as a main villain in the wake of the Ferengi's complete failure to meet with audience expectations of a major Starfleet antagonist. Unfortunately, the Writer's Guild strike of 1988 prevented this, as well as many other concepts, from coming to fruition in TNG's early days. By the time they made their first appearance in "Q Who", the villain species had been changed from insect to the more budget-friendly cyborg form. (Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, pp. 169, 180)

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