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The behemoth was a type of bioship in use by Species 8472.They were notably different from the battleships as they were far larger and contained several "arms" extending from the body at the front of the vessel. Like most vessels piloted by Species 8472, these ships contained a single pilot that controlled the bioship.

It was noted as one of the most awesome sights in the universe and was noted as a gigantic vessel. They were slow to move and to regenerate but they were nonetheless a powerful threat to enemy fleets. These bioships possessed a defensive projectile targeting system which destroyed incoming torpedo weapon fire before they did damage to the fleet they were attacked with.

The behemoth class contained a number of special devastating weapons. It was capable of creating a special fluidic nebula by excreting matter from pores that form a ring around the ship's body. This was a time consuming process but when completed there was a diffuse mass of interstellar gas as well as dust in space. This newly created nebula prevented space stations from being produced in its vicinity, created a warp inhibitor field that prevented enemy ships from entering warp and made it difficult for enemy ships to target objects within the nebula. The nebula began to decay over time and eventually collapsed.

In addition to this, they were capable of firing a special warhead into nebula's creating a destructive chain reaction that spread from the centre of the nebula to its outer reaches. This dealt a great deal of damage to any enemy ship that sought shelter within the nebula. The destructive output of the warhead's reaction depended on the type of nebula it was affecting but ultimately the nebula was not destroyed in the process.

Finally, a Behemoth was capable of creating a temporary rift into Fluidic space which allowed the bioship to move between two points in normal space creating a fast method of travel. (TNG video game: Armada II)

Known behemothsEdit


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