Species 9341 is the Borg designation for a space-dwelling species unsuitable for assimilation.


Not much is known of their background. They were encountered by the Borg during their invasion of the Alpha Quadrant around 2376, when they were attempting to transfer the Omega particle to the Delta Quadrant before their final assault on Earth. Although initially overwhelmed, the Borg successfully eradicated Species 9341 ships from the Pleiadus cluster and proceeded towards Sector 001. (ST video game: Armada)


STA 9341 Concept art

Species 9341 concept art

Species 9341 have two distinct forms: entities and mothers. Entities are smaller amoeboid vessels armed with a single forward-firing beam that does not damage shields, but kills a significant number of crew members with a single strike, with Borg stations being particularly vulnerable. Mothers, of similar appearance, are larger and stronger, with the capability of creating new entities at a steady rate.

Regular weaponry is ineffective against Species 9341, as their ships have been proven to be highly resilient. However, the Borg have discovered that their weakness was vulnerability to ultritium bursts. (ST video game: Armada)

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