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Introduction (blurb)Edit

The S.C.E. thought it would be a simple task: a derelict vessel heading straight for the inhabited world of Lokra needs to be diverted to avoid catastrophe. However, the derelict isn't as easy to deflect as it would seem -- the S.C.E. team must figure out how to operate the vessel before it crashes and destroys the Locra civilization.

The derelict isn't the only thing on this mission with a secret, and even as Commander Sonya Gomez and her crack team try to unlock the secrets of the ship, Captain David Gold must find out what the Locra are hiding.


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Carol AbramowitzCade BennettNancy ConlonDomenica CorsiDantas FalcãoBart FaulwellDavid GoldSonya GomezAlfredo GoveiaSusan HaznedlHuxterElizabeth LenseWayne OmthonP8 BlueJoanne PiotrowskiLaura PoynterSaldokAnthony ShabalalaSiletzSilverstreakSolomanFabian StevensMor glasch TevT'MandraSongmin Wong
Referenced only 
111Andrew AngelopoulosKieran DuffyGeordi La ForgeGabriel MarshallFrank PowersMontgomery ScottMakk Vinx

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS da VinciStrata spinship
Referenced only 
USS Enterprise-DholoshipUSS Norman Scott (Galaxy-class) • USS ProgressUSS RoeblingshuttleshuttlepodVulpecula (freighter) • Workbee


the galaxyLokak systemLokra
Referenced only 
EarthGalor IVGalvan VIHolland TunnelMarsNew YorkPhantas 61Rhaax IIIRisaStarfleet Corps of Engineers HeadquartersStrata homeworldTenebUtopia Planitia Fleet YardsVenusVulcan

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Federation Diplomatic CorpsGreek chorusStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet IntelligenceUnited Federation of Planets

Technology and weaponsEdit

airlockartificial gravitybiosensorbulkheadBussard intakecameracartclockcombadgecommunications relaycommunicatorcomputerdatabasedemolition chargeduotronicDX-1045 supportelectric liftemitterenvironmental suitEPS conduitEPS manifoldfield-wave guideforce fieldfusion detonation chargefusion impulse enginefusion rocketgeneratorgravity suithammerhologramIDF generatorimpulse engineimpulse thrusterinertial damperinertial damping fieldinjection pumpintercomlinear motormedical tricordermonitorpaddphaserphaser bankphoton torpedoplasma injectorplasma relayplasma shieldpressure suitprobepurge ventradio dishradio telescopereplicatorrobotsaucer sectionscannerself-replicating mining machinesensorshieldsshowerspacecraftspace stationspeakerspotlightstarshipthrustertime-space driver coiltoilettorpedotractor beamtractor emittertransportertricorderturboliftviewportviewscreenwarp corewarp drivewarp nacellewindmillwrench

Ranks and titlesEdit

ambassadorcaptaincommanderdiplomatdoctorengineerfirst officerFirst Primegymnastoperations officerscience officerSecond Primesecurity chiefShipmastertactical officertechniciantransporter chief

Other referencesEdit

20th centuryalienalpha shiftargonatmospherebagelbeetlebeta shiftbiologybrainbridgecarboncartooncenturyClass MclothingcoffeecometCoriolis effectcourt martialCPRcream cheesedecadedeuteriumdogDominion WarEarl Greyeggelectromagnetic pulseelephantEM fieldengineeringevolutionfirst contactgalaxygamma shiftgenocideglyphgolfgolf clubgovernmentgravitongravityhairheartheliumhenherbal teahistoryhololabhourhumanoidice creaminchinsectoidionizing radiationjackkilometerkilopascalkissklaxonlanguageleadlifeformlight-yearloxmarblemathematicsmeditationmess hallmetalmetermicrogravitymilitarymind meldminingminutemonthmoonmuseummusicobservation loungeorbitozonepaperpeanut butter and jelly sandwichphaser coolantphilosophyphysicspinwheelpistachioplanetplasmaplasticpoetrypokerquartersrabbitradiationradonready roomred alertrocksciencesecondsickbaysiliconsimianslaveryspacestarStone Agesubspacesugarteatechnologytransporter roomtreetype-4M extravehicular work garmentuniformwarp factorwaxweaponyear


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