In a parallel universe accessed through a quantum rift, the alternate reality, Spock was born as a female, also named Spock. All aspects of her life paralleled those of Spock, including her 23rd century Starfleet service aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise as first officer and science officer during the 2260s.

Spock was intensely loyal to Captain Jane Tiberia Kirk, but did not hesitate to question Kirk's tendency to give risky orders, especially in cases where the Prime Directive was concerned. Aboard the Enterprise, Spock was involved in a relationship with Communications Officer Nnamdi Uhuro.

Around the year 2260, the Enterprise was involved in a conflict with Khan Noonien Singh. In the aftermath of this confrontation, the ship began a new exploration mission.

On stardate 2261.274, the Enterprise was performing a cultural survey of planet Kassen V, when Kirk overrode Spock's concerns and made an effort to end slavery between the two species of Kassen natives. (TOS - Parallel Lives comics: "Part 1", "Part 2")

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