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GAT redirects here but may also refer to Gailtek Armaments and Technologies.

Star Trek: Gateways was a miniseries of seven books published in 2001, depicting events centered around Iconian Gateways and the Gateways Crisis of 2376. The first six novels were set during each of the four then-existent television series, plus two prose-only series, Star Trek: New Frontier and Star Trek: Challenger. The seventh book (originally published in hardcover) was an anthology of novellas, each providing closure to each of the preceding novels. There was also a Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers eBook presented as an "epilogue" to the series.

The NovelsEdit

  1. One Small Step, by Susan Wright (TOS)
  2. Chainmail, by Diane Carey (Star Trek: Challenger)
  3. Doors Into Chaos, by Robert Greenberger (TNG)
  4. Demons of Air and Darkness, by Keith R.A. DeCandido (DS9)
  5. No Man's Land, by Christie Golden (VOY)
  6. Cold Wars, by Peter David (NF)
  7. What Lay Beyond
    1. "One Giant Leap" (TOS)
    2. "Exodus" (CHR)
    3. "Horn and Ivory" (DS9)
    4. "In the Queue" (VOY)
    5. "Death After Life" (NF)
    6. "The Other Side" (TNG)

Epilogue: Here There Be Monsters by Keith R.A. DeCandido (SCE)

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