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Klingon Empire
Klingon Empire title
Abbreviation: KE
Original media: novels
Other media: short stories
Setting: 2370s
Location: IKS Gorkon
The IKS Gorkon' in the 2370s

Star Trek: Klingon Empire is a book series by Keith R.A. DeCandido, chronicling the Klingon Empire through the adventures of Captain Klag of the Klingon Defense Force ship, the IKS Gorkon.

The ship and many of its crew were introduced in the novel Diplomatic Implausibility, and also appeared in The Brave and the Bold, prior to the launch of its own series Star Trek: IKS Gorkon. Three novels were released under this name, but this was renamed to Star Trek: Klingon Empire when A Burning House was published in 2008. The new title was an attempt to re-brand the series, allowing story-telling to be opened up and to explore more of the Klingon Empire, though still through the eyes of the Gorkon crew. Despite this, no more novels have since been released.



(All by DeCandido)

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