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Star Trek: Seekers is a novel series created by David Mack, Dayton Ward, and Kevin Dilmore. It is a sequel to the events of Star Trek: Vanguard, and features some of Vanguard's characters, ships, and settings. Seekers will be a return to Star Trek's original ideology of "seeking out new worlds and new civilizations," and will center on the USS Endeavour and the USS Sagittarius as they explore the Taurus Reach.


The inspiration for Seekers came from the authors desire to continue their creative partnership once the Vanguard series finished, and from the imaginary series "The Seekers" created by Rob Caswell. Mack had seen Caswell's 1970s-style cover art of the faux-book series, itself inspired by the anthologies of The Original Series episode adaptations by James Blish.


As originally envisaged, the Seekers novels were not to have names; instead, they were to be numbered, just like the TOS anthologies. However, names for the first two novels have been released. Second Nature debuted at the Shore Leave convention in 2014, and was written by David Mack. Point of Divergence was released a month later, in August, written by Ward & Dilmore. These first two novels are a single two-part story to launch the series, with following novels being more of a stand-alone type.

title author published cover
Second Nature
David Mack
July 2014
Point of Divergence
Dayton Ward
& Kevin Dilmore
August 2014



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