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Star Trek: Terok Nor is a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and The Lost Era miniseries published 2008. The series chronicles the Cardassian occupation of Bajor and the history of Terok Nor before it became Deep Space 9.

The series begins with a prelude by James Swallow showing how the Cardassians took control of Bajor, followed by two novels, both by S.D. Perry and Britta Dennison, showing Bajor under Cardassian rule once Terok Nor had been built.

From the back covers: Before the Dominion War and the decimation of Cardassia... before the coming of the Emissary and the discovery of the wormhole... before space station Terok Nor became Deep Space Nine... there was the Occupation: The military takeover of an alien planet and violent insurgency that fought against it. Now that fifty-year tale of warring ideologies, terrorism, greed, secret intelligence, moral compromises, and embattled faiths is at last given its due in the Trek book saga of Star Trek's Lost Era...


Title Day of the Vipers Night of the Wolves Dawn of the Eagles
James Swallow
S.D. Perry & Britta Dennison
April 2008
May 2008
June 2008
Cover Day of the Vipers Night of the Wolves Dawn of the Eagles

John Picacio's cover art without titles.


When editor Marco Palmieri first announced the series it was as a four-book story. Palmieri also considered using an anthology format similar to Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine or Star Trek: Mirror Universe. [1]

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