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The Lost Era
The Lost Era
Abbreviation: TLE
Original media: novels
Other media: short story
Setting: 2293-2369
Location: various

Star Trek: The Lost Era is a book series that chronicles the events occurring between James T. Kirk's presumed death aboard the USS Enterprise-B in 2293 and the Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor in 2369.

The series attempts to flesh out some events that were only mentioned briefly in the TV series, such as the Tomed Incident and the Betreka Nebula Incident. It also helps to provide a backstory to recurring book characters such as Leonard James Akaar, Elias Vaughn, and Dr. Selar.

There are currently eleven novels in the series, the most recent being One Constant Star, released in 2014. A novel had been tentatively planned, which would deal with Benjamin Sisko on board the USS Okinawa during the Tzenkethi War. Christopher L. Bennett avoided specifics of the war in The Buried Age, in deference to the author of this anticipated novel. [1] However, with the departure of editor Marco Palmieri from Pocket Books in 2008, the future of this project is uncertain. Elements of the series appeared in the novel Rough Beasts of Empire.


Title Author(s) Setting Published Cover
The Sundered Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels USS Excelsior

August 2003 Sundered
Serpents Among the Ruins David R. George III USS Enterprise-B

Tomed Incident

September 2003 Tlebook2
The Art of the Impossible Keith R.A. DeCandido Betreka Nebula Incident

Narendra III Massacre

Khitomer Massacre

October 2003 Tlebook3
Well of Souls Ilsa J. Bick USS Enterprise-C

November 2003 WellOfSouls
Deny Thy Father Jeff Mariotte 2355-2357 December 2003 DenyThyFather
Catalyst of Sorrows Margaret Wander Bonanno 2360 February 2004 CatalystofSorrows
The Buried Age Christopher L. Bennett 2355-2364 July 2007 BuriedAge
Terok Nor
Day of the Vipers
James Swallow Occupation of Bajor

April 2008 Day of the Vipers
Terok Nor
Night of the Wolves
S.D. Perry & Britta Dennison Terok Nor

Occupation of Bajor

May 2008 Night of the Wolves
Terok Nor
Dawn of the Eagles
S.D. Perry & Britta Dennison Terok Nor

Occupation of Bajor

June 2008 Dawn of the Eagles
One Constant Star David R. George III USS Enterprise-B

June 2014 One Constant Star cover

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There are several other works set within the time frame of the Lost Era series but not under the Lost Era banner:

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