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Epoch-class timeship (unnamed Epoch-class timeships) • TARDIS

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Vandar's storeroom of captured time machines includes a number of tie-in references, including an Epoch-class timeship, Lazarus's capsule and Berlinghoff Rasmussen's stolen time pod. Vandar also owned an intact time bubble, the Flash's cosmic treadmill, and two TARDISes, including one in the form of the Master's (a nondescript column) and The Doctor's (a telephone call box). Others present are the DeLorean from Back to the Future, the phone booth from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, the Dagger of Time from Prince of Persia, and the titular forms of travel from H.G. Wells's The Time Machine, Time Tunnel, Time Trax, Stargate and Hot Tub Time Machine.

The Mike Allred variant cover again features several Legionnaires not seen in the series, including Mon-El, Phantom Girl and Sun Boy.


  • This story takes place at a point in time during the Star Trek: The Original Series five-year mission, near the end of that voyage. It seems to be in the year 2270, at a point after TAS, during which Scotty had been promoted to commander, but before Chekov was promoted to lieutenant and before Sulu was promoted to lieutenant commander, as well as being before Scotty began to wear a moustache.
  • In terms of the Legion's reality, the time period of their origin is around the time of The Great Darkness Saga storyline, or the early 2980s, although in the third issue, Cosmic Boy introduces the team as inhabitants of the 31st century. The Legion depicted is specific to that time period, as those characters were changed when their universe and timeline collapsed on later occasions. Specifically, this reality is prior to the universal upheaval of the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, where the Legion's universe was collapsed into several other component realities of the multiverse. Then, in later time-altering stories, the Legion as such ceased to exist when a time distortion generated from the dawn of time reformed the universe into a similar, but not identical reality. Each alternate reality and timeline since has had some form of future inhabitation by the Legion, albeit different from the Legion depicted in this Star Trek crossover.


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