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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

This article or section refers to licensed content which has not yet been released.
It contains information that may change frequently as the expected release date approaches. For in-universe perspectives, this information may be considered speculation until the source is available.

Star Trek: Discovery will be an upcoming television series launched by CBS via subscription in 2017.


The announcement of the series in press release[citation needed] announced only the initial format and did not describe any setting or subtitle for the show, which will be the first televised Star Trek series to be released in over a decade. Subsequent press for the show has named VOY and DS9 writer-producer Bryan Fuller as the showrunner,[citation needed] Rod Roddenberry as a producer[1] and director-writer Nicholas Meyer as a member of the writing staff.[citation needed]

The first trailer for the series was released in May 2016, with a new logo font for the Star Trek title and the tagline "New Crews. New Villains. New Heroes. New Worlds.".[2]

In July 2016, a new trailer for the series debuted for Comic-Con, showing the new USS Discovery (NCC-1031) and the title of the show, with showrunner Fuller teasing that the show would take place in an unspecified era of the original Star Trek timeline.[3]

In January 2017, confirmed that Ambassador Sarek will appear.[4]

CBS has stated that Discovery is looking at a "sometime late summer, early fall" release date. [1]






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