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Starfleet Academy (comic series)

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For other uses, see Starfleet Academy (disambiguation).
Starfleet Academy
Abbreviation: SA
Original media: comics
Creator(s): Chris Cooper
Setting: 2372-2373
Location: Starfleet Academy

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy from Marvel Comics ran for 19 issues in 1996 and 1997.

The series followed the adventures of Nog and his classmates in Omega Squad in the years 2372 and 2373. Omega Squad was mentioned in DS9 novel: Cathedral.

The series crossed over into Marvel's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comic in issues 11-12, Star Trek: Unlimited #6, and The Telepathy War one-shot.


Issue Numbers and TitlesEdit

Number Title Image
1 Prime Directives SA1
2 Liberty SA2
3 Loyalty Test SA3
4 War and Peace SA4
5 Love and Death SA5
6 Passages SA6
7 Hide and Seek SA7
8 SA8
9 Return to the Forbidden Planet SA9
10 A Prelude to War SA10
11 Judgment SA11
12 The Telepathy War part one: Renegades SA12
13 Parents' Day SA13
14 T'Priell Revealed part one: Betrayals SA14
15 T'Priell Revealed part two: Origins SA15
16 T'Priell Revealed part three: The Fall SA16
17 Culture Clash SA17
18 mangHom qaD* SA18
19 Between Love And Hate SA19

*Translates from the Klingon language into "Cadet Challenge".

All issues of Starfleet Academy were written by Chris Cooper.

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