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More power to the players
Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations
Expanding the players' universe
Starfleet was founded on the principle of diversity, uniting sentient races to fulfill the Starfleet mission. There are many different roles within Starfleet, and all the varied talents of the member races of the United Federation of Planets are called into service. Starfleet needs diplomats as well as warriors, engineers as well as scholars – and sentient beings of all races to learn these skills.
The Star Trek: The Next Generation Player's Guide is an essential expansion for both players and Narrators. Players will find new skills, more alien races, and expanded character creation rules. Narrators will find guidelines for using miniatures in play, new rules (for medications, explosives, and hand-to-hand combat), and a new Starbase setting.
The Star Trek: The Next Generation Player's Guide includes:
An expanded character creation system with dozens of new options for Starfleet officers.
Advanced Training Programs for characters to attend, from the Advanced Tactical School to the Vulcan Science Academy.
8 new alien species, including the Benzites, Napeans, and Zakdorn.
12 new psionic powers.
Conversion notes for using miniatures in ground encounters and ship-to-ship battles.
Dozens of new skills, specializations, and traits.
New rules for explosions, medicines, ranged combat options, and starship renown.
A new setting and a new series style for your Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG – Starbase 315.
160 pages in full color!


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AndragovBlissPatrick CatralBill CrossWade GarrettEdward JellicoCless MoraAlynna NechayevBem OkalaCatherine RomanoTendalVendri Thamov

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USS EnterpriseUSS GallantUSS ThunderchildUSS MarshallUSS FairchildUSS OkinawaUSS Potemkin (Excelsior-class) • USS WellsUSS Magellan (Intrepid-class) • USS Santa Fe (New Orleans-class) • USS Kerra'don (Nebula-class) • USS Sagan (Sagan-class survey vessel) • USS Pasteur (medical frigate) • USS Talon (Talon-class scout)


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Deep Space 9Starbase 77Starbase 315

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Altor IIIHeret IVTerra

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Alpha QuadrantBajor sectorBeTau sectorMutara NebulaNeutral Zone

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Daystrom Institute of TechnologyDytallix Mining CompanyFederation Institute for Paranormal AptitudeOrion SyndicateStarfleetStarfleet CommandStarfleet's Corps of EngineersStarfleet Diplomatic School General Order Starfleet IntelligenceTellarite Mining CorporationUnited Federation of Planets

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Advanced Tactical TrainingAnbo-jyutsuArticles of the FederationChaka HramdalCommanding officerDoctorduty rosterEros arrayExocultural RelationsFlag officerIntergalactic AffairsJudge Advocate GeneralLieutenant commanderPrime DirectiveTatharocshuttlecraftTurboliftUtharian Peace Talks22182160216123rd century24th century


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