Star Trek: Voyager was a monthly comic book series published by Marvel Comics from 1996 to 1998 depicting characters and events from the Star Trek: Voyager series for the first time in the comic book format. Following the conclusion of the monthly series Marvel also published a four comic miniseries; Splashdown.

See also Voyager comics for Star Trek: Voyager comics by other publishers


Number Title Writter(s) Published Image
1 The Storm Laurie S. Sutton November 1996 The Storm
2 Under Ion Skies Laurie S. Sutton December 1996 Under Ion Skies
3 Repercussions Laurie S. Sutton January 1997 Repercussions (VOY comic)
4 Homeostasis, Part One Howard Weinstein February 1997 Homeostasis, Part One
5 Homeostasis, The Conclusion Howard Weinstein March 1997 Homeostasis, The Conclusion
6 Relicquest, Part One Ben Raab April 1997 Relicquest, Part One
7 Relicquest, Part Two Ben Raab May 1997 Marv-Voy7
8 Relicquest, Conclusion Ben Raab June 1997 Marv-Voy8
9 Dead Zone Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton September 1997 Marv-Voy9
10 Ghosts Laurie S. Sutton October 1997 Marv-Voy10
11 Leviathan, Part One Laurie S. Sutton November 1997 Marv-Voy11
12 Leviathan, Part Two Laurie S. Sutton December 1997 Marv-Voy12
13 Telepathy War Part 5:
Cloud Walkers
Laurie S. Sutton January 1998 Marv-Voy13
14 Survival of the Fittest, Part One Laurie S. Sutton & Gwen Sutton February 1998 Marv-Voy14
15 Survival of the Fittest, Part Two Laurie S. Sutton & Gwen Sutton March 1998 Marv-Voy15


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