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Star Trek
Production information
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Published: September 2011-current

Star Trek is an ongoing comic series from IDW Publishing.


The first issue of this series was released in September 2011. The series takes places in an alternate reality, specifically the reality created by Nero's incursion to the year 2233. It will feature a mixture of stories including new events and characters alongside alternate reality versions of the events of the classic original Star Trek television series. This is the first licensed publication to take place after the film, in the new reality that was created.

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Story arcsEdit

The series began with two-issue story arcs adapting episodes of TOS in the milieu of the new reality. The first two issues were unnamed stories, adapting TOS episode: "Where No Man Has Gone Before". With the second story arc (adapting TOS episode: "The Galileo Seven"), the "A" variant covers bore story titles, but the issues were unnamed on the title page itself. The first original story in the series was Vulcan's Vengeance, and the first one part issue was Issue 13. The first three-part issue was and is After Darkness. The first four-part issue was and is The Khitomer Conflict




Number Writer(s) Artist(s) Published Image
Issue 1 Stephen Molnar (finished art) September 2011 IDW TOS 1 IDW TOS 1b IDW TOS 1a1 IDW TOS 1a2 IDW TOS 1a3 IDW TOS 1a4 IDW TOS 1s IDW TOS 1r
Issue 2 Stephen Molnar (finished art) October 2011 IDW TOS 2 IDW TOS 2a sketch IDW TOS 2b IDW TOS 2 photo IDW TOS 2r
Issue 3 November 2011 IDW TOS 3 IDW TOS 3a sketch IDW TOS 3b IDW TOS 3 photo
Issue 4 December 2011 IDW TOS 4 IDW TOS 4a sketch IDW TOS 4b IDW TOS 4 photo
Issue 5 January 2012 IDW TOS 5 IDW TOS 5a sketch IDW TOS 5 photo
Issue 6 February 2012 IDW TOS 6 IDW TOS 6a sketch IDW TOS 6 photo
Issue 7 March 2012 IDW TOS 7 IDW TOS 7a sketch IDW TOS 7 photo
Issue 8 April 2012 IDW TOS 8 Cover image. Cover image.
Issue 9 May 2012 IDW TOS 9
Issue 10 June 2012 IDW TOS 10
Issue 11 July 2012 IDW TOS 11
Issue 12 August 2012 IDW TOS 12
Issue 13 September 2012 Cover image.
Issue 14 October 2012 Cover image.
Issue 15 November 2012 IDW Star Trek, Issue 15 IDW Star Trek, Issue 15 RI-A IDW Star Trek, Issue 15 RI-B
Issue 16 December 2012 IDW Star Trek, Issue 16
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