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Introduction (blurb)Edit

Join Up!

Board the Enterprise and journey with her crew to far-off worlds where you will find:

  • Greek gods and American Indians
  • men who can live forever and other men who die of old age at twenty-nine
  • a machine with the power to raise the dead and a woman whose tears can topple empires.




  • Title: Das Paradies-Syndrom
  • Subtitle: Die Original-Abenteuer von Raumschiff Enterprise, Band 7
  • Publisher: Goldmann
  • ISBN: 0123456789X
  • Translator:
  • Published: 1987

Reprints / Other Issues:

  • As a part of:
    • Title: Die Original-Abenteuer von Raumschiff Enterprise. Der große Sammelband III
    • Publisher: Goldmann
    • ISBN: 3442236738
    • Translator:
    • Published: 1993

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