The Star Trek Annual 1977 was the eighth in a series of annuals published by World Distributors Limited in Great Britain. Published in 1976, the annual contained two reprinted comics from the Gold Key Comics range.


  • "Sceptre of the Sun"
  • "The Psychocrystals"
  • Star Trek People
  • Space Quiz
  • All Very Logical
  • Star Trek Riddle-Me-Ree
  • In the Sky
  • Words of Space
  • A Space Nightmare!
  • Sky High Humour!
  • The Tunnel of Death
  • Star Facts
  • The Sky's Limit
  • Who Was First?
  • Which Planet?
  • McCoy's Meteorites
  • What's the Weather Like up There?
  • Sulu's Double U Word Quiz
  • Calling Captain Kirk
  • Space and Spacemen Spell Spock
  • The Universe As You Won't See It

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