The Star Trek III Sourcebook Update was a role-playing game supplement released by FASA. In addition to update material detailing events and equipment seen in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, it included a stand-alone scenario, "Lost and Presumed Dead".

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James T. KirkSpockLeonard McCoyEdith KeelerJohn ChristopherGary SevenNeil ArmstrongKhan Noonien SinghZephram Cochrane

Starships and vehiclesEdit

DY-100SS Botany BayUSS Enterprise


Alpha CentauriEarthJapanLunaArmstrong Center

Races and culturesEdit

Alpha CentauranAndorianHumanTellariteVulcan

States and organizationsEdit

First Alpha Centauri ConferenceScience Council of LunaUnited States of AmericaUnited States Air ForceUnited Nations

Other referencesEdit

Eugenics WarsFundamental Declarations of the Martian ColoniesGenesis DeviceGuardian of Forever • "Lost and Presumed Dead" • NomadPrefix CodeWarp drive

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