The Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update was a role-playing game supplement released by FASA.



Kenneth A.F. BrightonA.W. CommershalLisa abn DariGeorgi IlanenkoHelen JarvisWalter JullievGerrold KilendarAlexis KindrL.K. LubbitzHarrison MorrowAntonia NiccomachiAnton NovochaeoiveEden O'WallisSilikJames SmithsonSparkThrandasar v'ElexT'VorinJarv Gouthar


ArcadiaArken IIEfrosEssex's WorldGibraltarKobax VITiburon

States and organizationsEdit

Crescent and Trefoil DevelopmentsFederation Council Military Appropriations CommitteeFederation Diplomatic CorpsFederation Security CouncilFederation Subcommittee on Internal Interstellar AffairsStarfleet IntelligenceWarriors of AndorClan of CombatUnited Federation of Planets Infonet

Races and culturesEdit

ArcadianArioloArkeniteBzzit KhahtEfrosianKasheetaOrionVulcanXelatianZaranite

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS ChaffeeUSS MonsonSpinner classWinged Defender class

Other referencesEdit

AleriadF'xaqGenesis DeviceStarbase 1Starbase 22Starbase 23Starbase 27Kargon IncidentMera ZineMrzicannOperation ArmageddonOperation DixieOperation Gray GhostOperation Solar Wind IVOrion blood feverStarfleet Command Staff CollegeStar's EndWulkkHeart of S'em-lohTlor Thakal


stardate 2/2312 
Starfleet Command's second Excelsior-class starship, USS Proxima, was built and began shakedown trials, due to be commissioned on stardate stardate 2/24.
stardate 2/2401 
Starfleet Intelligence learns topical details of conflict between Romulans and Klingons on Tarab VI, in the Triangle. (ST module: Graduation Exercise)



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