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Star Trek Maps was a reference work published by Bantam Books in 1980.

Introduction to navigation cover

The Introduction to Navigation that came with the Star Trek Maps


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Starships and vehiclesEdit

Tholian web-spinnerUSS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser)


Stations and outpostsEdit

Starbase 26Starbase 10Starbase 18

Stars and systemsEdit

15 LyncisArgus systemHivehomMakusOmicron CepheiSahndaraHalkaUFC-113AxanarMelkotAriannusBeta TauriVulcan systemSol (Sol system) • PyrisElbaunnamed stars and systemsHalkaClarke's StarManarkDimorusWolmer's StarWolmer AWolmer BNew CaledoniaUFC 325877Mote PrimeMacGregor's StarPsi 2000 systemAcadiaKobolTHX-1138Pal's Star
Stellar classificationEdit
O class starB class starA class starF class starG class starK class starM class starR class starN class starS class starpulsarneutron starblack holebinary startrinary starvariable stardwarf stargiant star

Stellar regionsEdit

Milky Way Galaxy 
Quadrant 0Klingon Neutral ZoneRomulan Neutral ZoneMurasaki 312

Planets and planetoidsEdit

Argus XHivehom IIIOmicron Cephei VICaitMakus IIIEminiar VIIVendikarHalka IIM-113Axanar IIMelkot IIAriannus IVBeta Tauri IIEarthLunaplanet VulcanZionBaRuinBabelOrgania IVSaisTalos IVMoneTohRomulusMegaraAmyclaeArdanaSherman's PlanetHolberg 917GTanissePyris VIIElba IIHalka IIManark IVDimorus IVNew Caledonia IIINew Caledonia IVWolmer A IIIWolmer B IVMacGregor IIIUFC 325877 IIMote IIPsi 2000Acadia III
Planetary classificationEdit
class A gas giantclass B gas giantclass C reducing planetclass D planetclass E planetclass F planetclass G silicate planetclass H planetclass I planetclass J planetclass K planetclass L planetclass M planetclass N planetclass O planetplanetoidmoon

Races and culturesEdit


States and organizationsEdit

Federation (StarfleetStarfleet Command) • Klingon EmpireRomulan Star Empire

Technology and weaponsEdit




Material and energyEdit


Ranks and titlesEdit


Other referencesEdit

spaceplanetstarstar systemgalaxylifeformhumanoidalienquadrantsectortechnologygovernmentstellar cartographynavigationinsigniaranktitleweaponstar chartfive-year missionplanetary classificationstellar classificationstellar nomenclatureplanetary nomenclatureasteroidorbitnovanebulaenergyastrogationtreaty boundary quadrant


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