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Earth Spacedock, an iconic Federation starbase design

A starbase is a type of facility used by many space faring civilizations as a support base for starships. Starbases can be comprised of both planetary installations, space stations, or a combination of both, and carry out many functions: scientific, strategic, diplomatic, service and supply, starship construction, and support for exploration, colonisation and military operations. (ST reference: Star Trek Encyclopedia; TNG video game: Armada; EV comic: "Futures, Part One"; VAN novel: Harbinger; et al.)

The United Federation of Planets operated many starbases throughout and beyond its space. These could be administered by Federation civilian groups (such as member governments), Starfleet, and even non-member governments, or combinations there of, such as the Bajoran/Starfleet control of Deep Space 9. Federation starbases are considered free diplomatic zones, open to visitors from all planets. (Star Trek Fact Files Issue 32-1: "Federation Starbases: General Introduction"; TOS comic: "A Matter of Perspective"; DS9 episode & novelization: Emissary; TOS comic: "The Argon Affair!")


The planetary installation of Starbase 11

United Earth Starfleet was considering building a series of starbases as early as 2154. That year the starship Enterprise was sent to check potential sites for the first of these bases; one of the locations considered was Berengaria VII. Earth went on to build fourteen bases; by the late 24th century only one, Starbase 11, continued to function as a Federation starbase. (ENT episode: "Bound"; ST short story: "225 Years of Service")

Earth Spacedock, construction of which was completed in 2376, served as the basis for the design of many Federation starbases that followed, making it one of the iconic Federation designs. (ST reference: Starship Spotter)

Known starbasesEdit

Federation starbases
Starbases 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242525-Alpha26272829303132333435363739-Sierra404142434445464747-Vanguard4849505152535556585961626364656667686971727374757780818283848586878889909192939697991021031041051061081121131141171181211221231271291331341371521531571621721731741761781791801821851891932002012092102112122142152182192202232272312342352362372472522572602612622632682772953013033073103113123133143153243253263273283363433443473573713753834014104114124134144164194204224344404524734954995055145155215235245285415856126216236937147188048238344077BravoEarhartG-6HelaspontIcarusIndiaIridaniLeonovMagellanMI-17MidwayMontgomeryNeil ArmstrongYorktown Station Ufp-emblem

Starfleet Command logo
Deep Space Stations 123456789 (I)9 (II)10C-15E-5G-6K-2K-5K-7K-8K-10K-11K-12K-13K-22KR-1KR-3M-20M-33R-5Portal 1
Klingon starbases and outposts
Starbases Starbase 1Starbase 2Starbase 3Starbase 4Starbase 5Starbase 6Starbase 7Starbase 8Starbase 10 Klingon Empire
Outposts and stations Camp KhitomerIkaal outpostKa"hat outpostKinza D'elmaKlamuth outpostKlingon Defense Force Command HeadquartersKrell outpostKura outpostMastocal outpostMera ZineNo'Var OutpostToman outpostTy'Gokor
Romulan starbases
Atnox DepotLevaeri StationS'harien StationStar Outpost 6Star Outpost 24Star Outpost 67Star Outpost 112 RomulanEmblem

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