Starbase 180 was a Federation starbase, operational in the later 24th century. The base consisted of a large space station facility in orbit of a planetary system (see unnamed planets) located near the borders of the Tholian Assembly and the Klingon Empire. In 2371, this base was under the command of Commander Selak.

In that year, Starbase 180 was put on a state of heightened alert after a number of Tholian attacks on Klingon and Federation targets. Commander Selak made it a point to tour his facility and recommend that a number of personnel take time to be with their families in light of the possibility of the base's destruction.

The base was attacked by a Tholian starship triad shortly thereafter, and was in danger of falling to their assault when the timely arrival of the USS Enterprise-D saved the facility. The Enterprise successfully used a variation of the Picard Maneuver to decimate the Tholian vessel defenses with the intent of taking them prisoner. (TNG - War and Madness comic: "Ceremony of Innocence")


see unnamed Starbase 180 personnel.


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