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Starbase 25-Alpha was a Federation starbase in operation in the late 24th century. Unlike other Federation outposts, Starbase 25-Alpha wasn't listed in fleet installation guides due to the fact that it was used by Starfleet as a secret installation that was involved with advanced technology development, munitions manufacture and communications interception.

With the bases top secret nature in mind, the base was constructed in orbit of a neutron star, as to prevent casual visitors approaching the station and affording the base an extra level of security.

The USS Enterprise-E traveled to the station, along with her mirror universe duplicate Enterprise (NX-1701), after the two ships had engaged in a pitched battle. After arriving at the station, both starships underwent repairs and Commandant Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the mirror Enterprise were taken into custody. (Star Trek novel: Preserver)


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