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Starbase 44 was a Federation Starfleet starbase with a space station facility, located about two weeks travel from the Great Rift, and near the Mariotian sector.

In 2267, Starbase 44 was undergoing engineering work to expand the station. The USS Enterprise was ordered to deliver equipment and supplies to the station to aid in the work. While docked at the base, the Enterprise took on several new crewmembers, including Julia Crandall, and supplies for its upcoming survey mission of the Mariotian sector. (TOS comic: "No Compromise Part One")

Following its encounter with the intellivore in early 2371, the USS Enterprise-D dropped off medical cases and the derelict USS Oraidhe there. (TNG novel: Intellivore)

Starbase 44 was active in the late 2370s, after the Dominion War. (TNG video games: Armada, Armada II)

In Armada, the starbase's space station name was randomly assigned to a playing field station by the game software.


Warning: The following content contains spoilers for Star Trek Beyond.
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