Starbase 71 was a Federation Starfleet starbase located in the Benecia system. It was commissioned sometime in the mid-23rd century and operated well into the 24th century.


In mid-2269, Starbase 71 was purely a planet-based facility with many areas still under construction. Orbital repair and drydocks were due online along with the establishment of a Watchtower-class space station by August 2270.

In August 2269, the Constitution-class USS Endeavour towed the damaged Archer-class USS Sagittarius to Starbase 71, their home port, for repairs. (Seekers novel: Point of Divergence)

In the year 2307, following an altercation with a Revot destroyer, the starship USS Excelsior had its deflectors repaired at Starbase 71. During this time, Demora Sulu briefly visited the ship's commanding officer, her father, Hikaru Sulu, on the station. (TLE novel: One Constant Star)


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