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Starbase 88 was a Federation starbase facility in operation in the 24th century.

While en route to Xhaldia, the USS Enterprise-E was called to Starbase 88 by its commander, Admiral Yoshi Kashiwada. A group on individuals from another reality, the X-Men, had been discovered there. They recognized the Starfleet uniform after encountering security officer Marco Palmieri and asked to speak with Captain Jean-Luc Picard, whom they had encountered on a previous incursion into the Prime reality. Lt. Clark was the security chief of the station at the time of the X-Men's arrival. Admiral Kashiwada demanded the incarceration of Wolverine after he destroyed two tables, several chairs, a replicator and damaged a bulkhead. The X-Men departed with Picard on the Enterprise. (TNG novel: Planet X)


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