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Starfleet Academy logo, "Ex Astris, Scientia": "From the Stars, Knowledge".

Starfleet Academy is a four-year institution of higher learning, the primary training facility for Starfleet officers. Located at the San Francisco Presidio, it was approved and founded on December 13, 2161. Admission to the Academy was intensely competitive. (ST references: Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, Make It So: Leadership Lessons from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Last Unicorn RPG module: Starfleet Academy Handbook, ST reference: Federation: The First 150 Years)


Academy EV

Starfleet Academy in the mid-23rd century.

Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Academy grounds, circa 2379.

Traditionally, when a person who wished to join Starfleet reaches the adulthood, they submitted an application and underwent a series of tests. If accepted, they trained at an academy facility, such as the primary one at the San Francisco Presidio on Earth. A usual course of study for officers is a four-year education, although accelerated programs and graduate training are available. Enlisted service requires a much shorter training course, sometimes at a satellite facility of the Academy or at another Starfleet installation. (ST reference: Star Trek Encyclopedia, [citation needed])

The Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program was a course of testing for application to Starfleet Academy. (DS9 episode: "Facets")

The Academy's motto is "Ex Astris, Scientia", or "From the Stars, Knowledge." (TNG novel: The First Duty)

The facilities include holodecks, located on Archer Hall. (ST - SNW short story: "Best Tools Available")

In the mid-22nd century, all cadets were required to study the worlds that had been destroyed by their dominant species through wars and environmental mismanagement. (TOS novel: Prime Directive)

In 2371, the entrance exam's final question was worth fifty points. (DS9 novel: The Long Night)

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The nature of the division of responsibilities between the Commandant of Starfleet Academy and the Superintendent of Starfleet Academy has not been established. At the modern United States Naval Academy, the Superintendent is the officer in charge of the Academy and the Commandant oversees discipline and day-to-day operations involving midshipmen.



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