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Starfleet Academy was a series of books young adult novels published by Simon Spotlight. The series details the academy years of the cast from the 2009 Star Trek film. Four books were published between 2010 and 2012. An untitled fifth book had been solicited, but was ultimately cancelled.

Overview Edit

The books were created to flesh out the academy years of the crew of the Enterprise in the alternate timeline created by Nero's incursion in 2233. The series relies on a central conceit that Kirk and Spock can not meet each other before the Kobayashi Maru disciplinary action, as depicted in the 2009 film. Over four books, Kirk met all of his major command crew, with the exception of Spock and Scotty.

Publishing Edit

The Delta Anomaly was the first book to be released in the range but appears to be set after the events of The Edge. The Assassination Game was initially solicited for release in September 2011, but was delayed by nearly a year to June 2012. It appears as if the book was delayed to edit aspects of the book that seemed to close to Star Trek Into Darkness. The Assassination Game is also nearly twice as long the other three novels in the range.

Novels Edit

Title The Delta Anomaly The Edge The Gemini Agent The Assassination Game
Author Rick Barba Rudy Josephs Rick Barba Alan Gratz
Published November 2010 January 2011 June 2011 June 2012
The Delta Anomaly
The Edge cover
The Gemini Agent
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