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Introduction (blurb)Edit

Cadet David Forester has made it to Starfleet Academy's Command School, where the starship captains of the future are trained on mission simulators that make you feel as if you ar really on the bridge of a starship. But there's trouble at the Academy -- sabotage, conflict, and a series of "accidents" throw Forester's team of cadets into a scramble for their very lives.

Determined to save his crew, Forester rushes to stop a plot to destroy the Academy itself, and is thrust into a mission with Starflet legends Captain James T. Kirk, Captain Hikaru Sulu, and Commander Pavel Chekov. Together they must find the cause behind a series of ever deadlier raids on Federation outposts by an unknown enemy.



In the novel, Captain Sulu states that he is due to take command of the Excelsior in two years, placing this story in the year 2288.



David ForesterGeoffrey Corin/Geoff ColondVanda M'GiiaJana AktonSturekRobin BradyFaith GageFrank MalanJames T. KirkPavel ChekovHikaru SuluAex RotherotC.S. Forester

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS AgincourtUSS EnterpriseUSS Enterprise-AUSS ExcelsiorUSS Rio GrandeUSS SentinelKlingon heavy cruiser


Races and culturesEdit

States and organizationsEdit

Other referencesEdit

19th century2288Alpha CentauriAndorianBiceacadetCaliforniacaptainCentaurianClark Universitycommandantcommandercommunications officerConestoga wagonengineerGolgotha systemhelmsmanHoratio HornblowerJapanJefferies tubeKlingonKlingon Neutral ZoneKobayashi Maru scenarioLevintine ExpanselieutenantLursen PrimenavigatorOrganian Peace Treatyphaserphaser bankPoint Bonita LightRigel XIIRomulanRussiaSan FranciscoSan Francisco BayStarfleet AcademyStarfleet Academy Command SchoolStarfleet CommandStarfleet HeadquartersTahitiThomas Jefferson Rose GardenUnited Federation of Planetsuniversal translatorVulcanWorld War I


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