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Thousands of Cadets graduate Starfleet Academy as a member of the graduating class every year.


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Class of 2227 Edit

Kelvin timeline Edit

Class of 2233 Edit

Kelvin timeline Edit

Class of 2246Edit

Class of 2248 Edit

Kelvin timeline Edit

Class of 2251Edit

Class of 2254Edit

Kelvin timeline Edit

Class of 2257 Edit

Kelvin timeline Edit

Class of 2258Edit

Kelvin timeline Edit

Kelvin timeline Edit

Class of 2260Edit

Kelvin timeline Edit

Class of 2266Edit

Class of 2271Edit

Class of 2281Edit

Class of 2290Edit

Class of 2292Edit

Class of 2304Edit

Class of 2327Edit

Class of 2342Edit

Class of 2346Edit

Class of 2348Edit

Class of 2354Edit

Class of 2355Edit

Class of 2357Edit

Class of 2358Edit

Class of 2359Edit

Class of 2361Edit

Class of 2362Edit

Class of 2363Edit

Class of 2364Edit

Class of 2370Edit

Class of 2374Edit

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Starfleet Academy graduating classes article at Memory Alpha, the wiki for canon Star Trek.

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