The Klingon intelligence sector is a Starfleet-designated area which, in the 23rd century, encompassed the entire border between Klingon and Federation space, bordering the Starfleet SW Intelligence sector, Starfleet SE Intelligence sector, Starfleet Intelligence Orion sector and Starfleet Intelligence Triangle sector.

Starfleet Intelligence maintained bases in this area, which contained many colony star systems of Federation members. The central control for these intelligence installations was at Starbase 23. Intelligence units active for this sector in the 23rd century included the Starfleet Intelligence Internal Activities Unit, Starfleet Intelligence Orion Activities Unit and Starfleet Intelligence Klingon Activities Unit. (RPG reference: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual)


Starfleet Intelligence sectors
Sector 1 (NW)Sector 2 (NE)Sector 3 (SE)Sector 4 (SW)Gorn sectorKlingon sectorOrion sectorRomulan sectorTholian sectorTriangle sector Ufp-emblem Starfleet Intelligence

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