Starfleet uniforms are uniforms that are worn by individuals who serve in the Federation Starfleet (or Earth Starfleet). These uniforms are designed to allow the wearer to fulfil the multiple tasks such as scientific research, combat, and in extreme conditions, and still allow them some feeling of comfort.

Starfleet uniforms are usually divided into departmental colors and the wearer's rank insignia is displayed so others can ascertain the wearer's authority.

At least during the 23rd century, Starfleet uniforms were composed of Xenylon, an Algae-based compound. (TAS Episode: The Terratin Incident)

By eraEdit

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Starfleet uniforms
By era Earth Starfleet uniformmid-22nd century2230s2230s-2260s (Kelvin timeline)2240s-22652265-22702270-22782278-2350sstardate 2/5501stardate 2/72062350s-23662366-23732373-23862386-24092410s Starfleet Command logo
By type Dress uniformsEngineering suitEnvironmental variantsSurface operations blacksEV suits
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