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This 2260s uniform issue was used by Starfleet for approximately five years, from 2265 to 2270 (reference stardate 2/19), having a great many similarities with earlier 23rd century Starfleet uniforms. (Star Trek: The Original Series; TOS reference: Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise)

By 2266, this new uniform had been made official and the older one was dropped. (TOS episode: "The Corbomite Maneuver")

Despite the eventual majority of Starfleet who wore these uniforms, the process of replacing every vessel's uniforms took time, with some individuals wearing the older uniform type for years afterwards. For example, Starbase 47's personnel had received the new uniforms in 2265, but the USS Enterprise had not when they visited the station. A year later, in 2266, the Enterprise crew was wearing the new issue when they met the crew of the ill-fated USS Antares, who had continued with the old design. (VAN novel: Harbinger; TOS episode: "Charlie X")

The same happened after this uniform finished its run as the official wear of Starfleet, by 2270 some (but not all) servicepeople on Earth, Starbase 10 and the Enterprise wore early versions of the next early-2270s issue, even though some servicepeople wore the late-2260s uniform well past that date.


These uniforms consisted of a service uniform, a utility uniform, and dress uniform variants. The service uniform consisted of black boots and pants, with a black-collared shoulder-closing tunic that was colored according to the individual's division. The tunic had an assignment patch insignia on the breast and rank insignia stripes on the sleeves. Another variant of the service uniform was a skirt uniform with an open collar, worn by many women. A service jacket in muted color intensity was also available for wear, with the rank insignia either on the sleeves or shoulders. A variety of the service uniform in all black was also used, for missions where reduced visibility was required.

The utility uniform was a jumpsuit, all in department color, with black boots and undershirt. Some variations of the utiliy wear had an embroidered assignment insignia and rank insignia, but some versions were unmarked. A variant utility uniform was the same jumpsuit in muted tones.

The dress uniforms consisted of a department-colored jacket of sheen material with a front seam closure. The assignment patch and sleeve stripe rank insignia were only worn for officers below the rank of lieutenant, while senior officers wore only decorations on the breast. A gold braid of varying thicknesses were added to the closure and seams of the dress uniform to show rank. The dress uniform was also worn in the open-necked skirt variant favored by women.


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