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In January 2366, Starfleet uniforms was made into a two-piece jumper and trousers style. (Later episodes of "Star Trek: The Next Generation", "Star Trek Generations", DS9 episode: "Emissary")

A variant, with slightly reversed colors and a more open neck area with a grey undershirt was added as well. (Early episodes of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", "Star Trek: Voyager", "Star Trek Generations")

Black cadet uniforms were used alongside, having predated this style for several years. (TNG episode: "The First Duty")

Cold weather coatEdit

Cold weather uniform 2360s
Ro Laren and Geordi La Forge in the cold weather coats in 2369
8of5Added by 8of5

This uniform featured a cold weather variant which consisted of a long coat to provide additional thermal insulation. The jacket was mauve colored with black/grey striped areas atop the shoulders and down the sides, in a similar pattern to color and black arrangement of the standard uniform of the era. The coats were closed down the middle of the front with some manner of fastening and a belt around the waist. The coats featured two large pockets below the belt on the front and grey circle on the upper chest in the same location a combadge would ordinarily be worn on a standard uniform.

These coats are seemingly standard equipment in type-6 shuttlecraft, as Ro Laren, Geordi La Forge and Worf were able to wear them when they crashed the shuttlecraft Goddard in 2369. (TNG comic: "Light of the Day")

Note the image shows the uniforms in low light conditions so the color appears greyer than in ordinary lighting.


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