Romulan war uniform

War-era design of uniform.

As the alliances made in the 2150s decade included the Earth Starfleet in the Coalition of Planets, and new uniforms were adopted for use by the various members of the 22nd century organization. At the Earth-Romulan War's end, the Federation Starfleet chose to adopt the uniform design as part of it's general issue, with service patch insignia showing the various components of the combined services into the 2160s.

In canon, the alliance in force at the time of this uniform's adoption included the Earth Starfleet, and was referred to as evolving into being called the Coalition of Planets, which then became the Federation. The FASA RPG was made many years before Enterprise, and simply refers to all Earth-allied powers as "Federation", even in the war era before the Federation's founding.

By the 23rd century, newer uniforms with simpler insignia and different division colors were in use, although later designs would continue with the color scheme originally inherited from the Earth Starfleet uniform, with gold for command division, red for operations division and blue for sciences division (including medicine).

The uniform featured a dark trousers and boots, with lighter colored shinpads, a dark turtleneck undershirt and a division color-coded fabric jacket fastened with a belt. A service patch insignia was worn over the left breast. Rank was shown by sleeve stripe rank insignia in a style that would be used for several later styles of uniform. (FASA RPG module: The Romulan War)

2160s Federation Starfleet Edit

Standard duty uniforms Edit

The standard duty uniforms were first worn by the crew of the USS Franklin following the founding of the Federation. It was gray with the division color on the shoulders as well as the zipper.(TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)

Command Gold Operations Red Science Blue
B Edison file A Le file J. Wolff file

Bomber jacket Edit

Scotty & Keenser on USS Franklin

Lt. Commander Scott wearing the bomber jacket in 2263.

In addition to the standard duty uniform, a bomber jacket could be worn on away missions. The Franklin's bomber jacket featured it's insignia.(TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)



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