The Starlight Casino and Hotel was a luxury resort in or near Federation space. The facility was originally constructed as a Starfleet space station, Deep Space Station K-2; however, when the Federation decided to decommission it, it was sold to a consortium of entrepreneurs. They converted the station into a holiday resort, featuring a casino, luxury suites and accommodations, holodecks, swimming pools, live entertainment venues, and three restaurants serving dishes from around the galaxy.

In 2377, Rod Portlyn, under the alias Benzev Kaz, rented a suite at the Starlight in order to draw Aldo Corsi into a supposed business negotiation. After Portlyn finished his intended business with Corsi, he and his brother, Wade, left the resort without paying, evading the establishment's chief of security, Bront Kriegg. The management of the Starlight, out of embarrassment, resolved to keep this incident quiet. (CoE eBook: The Art of the Comeback)

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