List of stars and star systems beginning with numerals.

Star or star system Arity Makeup Associated bodies Locational references
1020 Octantis unknown unknown none known Octans constellation, quite distant from Federation space
11 Lacerti star system spectral class K2III planetary system Lacerta constellation
114 Trianguli unknown unknown none known between 40 Eridani and 128 Trianguli, Triangulum constellation
127 Scorpii star system unknown none known near the Great Rift, Scorpius constellation
128 Trianguli (Eisn, Ket-cheleb) singular star system spectral class G9 Romulus, Remus, Pirek, Elvreng Romulan Star Empire, Triangulum constellation
System 1324
14 Eridani singular spectral class F1V none known Eridanus constellation, visible from Sol (113 ly)
1440 Ophiuchi binary star 1440 Ophiuchi B is spectral class G8 1440 Ophiuchi B VI Ophiuchus constellation, between Sagittarius Arm and Orion Arm
15 Lyncis star system spectral class G5III-IV Cait Lynx constellation, visible from Sol (170 ly)
15 Trianguli binary star spectral classes M4 and A5 none known near Romulan Neutral Zone, Triangulum constellation, visible from Sol (150 ly)
1616 Ophiuchi Ophiuchus constellation
1865 Serpens Serpens constellation
19 Tauri (Taygeta) Taygeta V Taurus constellation
198 Eridani Eridanus constellation
22 Ophiuchi unknown unknown Errigal Ophiuchus constellation, near the Great Rift
23 Tauri (Merope) Taurus constellation
26 Draconis (Pyrithia) trinary star components include spectral classes G0Va and K3V Pyrithian homeworld Draco constellation
334 Scorpii Scorpius constellation
38 Arae Ara constellation
40 Eridani (Omicron-2 Eridani, Keid) trinary star 3 stellar masses (giant star, red dwarf, white dwarf) 40 Eridani A, 40 Eridani B, 40 Eridani C, Vulcan, T'Khut Eridanus constellation, visible from Sol (16 ly), near Epsilon Eridani (6.4 ly); coordinates 19.5, 60.0, -0.6
4408 Trianguli binary star Triangulum constellation
492 Lyncis star system spectral class G2 subdwarf star 492 Lyncis III Lynx constellation
System 522
System 6-23 star system unknown Marcus near Starbase 19
60 Ophiuchi Ophiuchus constellation
61 Cygni (Bessel's Star) binary star spectral classes K5V and K7V 61 Cygni A, 61 Cygni B, Tellar Prime, Kera, Phinda Cygnus constellation, visible from Sol (11 ly), near Barnard's Star (9 ly)
61 Ursae Majoris (Archer system) singular yellow dwarf, spectral class G8V Archer IV Ursa Major constellation, visible from Sol (31 ly), near Arcturus (22 ly)
System 7348 unknown unknown 7348-II Alpha or Beta Quadrant, near Federation-Klingon Empire border
83 Beta trinary star unknown Styra Federation space
872 Trianguli Triangulum constellation
88 Eridani Eridanus constellation
94 Aquarii (Fellebia) trinary star spectral classes G8IV, G6 and K2V Fellebian homeworld Aquarius constellation, visible from Sol (99 ly)

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